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No words can express how grateful we are, hubby and I, to have you be our celebrant for son's day.

You did such an amazing job in making sure everything was the way we wanted son's day.

Professional yet you had a heart of compassion.

We thank our Heavenly Father for crossing paths with you and we couldn't have chosen a better celebrant to host son's funeral. For that we thank you.

You along with Julian (Funeral Director) did a remarkable job.

Everything from preparation, organising, venue, certificate, words of encouragement, setup, to the whole day going smoothly was perfect.

Will take some time, taking each day one step at a time.

We are so blessed to have met you and Julian.

May God's continued blessings over you both and the awesome team you both work with.

Lots of love from me and mine. 💙🕊🦋

Imakulata and Pule


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