Testimonials -Celebration of life



Thank you very much for all that you have done for us during this time. 

All of the family and guests at the service remarked how it was a lovely service and a celebration of Alice rather than a sorrowful and mournful event.

This was exactly what Mum and I were hoping it would be and I'm sure Alice would be happy for the type of farewell she received. 

Thank you for helping us achieve this.  


In our meeting and communications prior to Alice's service, both Mum and I were reassured that you listened to all that we shared and helped us navigate the process and the emotions respectfully and intently.

There is no way you could ever know Alice, but you were genuine in your interest and you captured her essence perfectly to deliver a wonderful and intimate service. 


Finally, we appreciate the digital and hard copies of the service that you compiled.  No doubt we will use these documents to reflect on the day and the memories, something that will be so invaluable to us all.  


Once again, many thanks for all that you have done for us. 

Your presence and assistance were truly appreciated on the day and throughout the journey.

Emma and Yvonne