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Celebration of Life, Memorial Services, Funerals

Bill's saloon outside.jpg

 Bill's memorial was held at the front of his backyard saloon


Tracey's life was celebrated at the family home

Losing a loved one is, I believe, one of the hardest experiences that we will ever have to endure.


So many thoughts go through our minds at these times. 

A Funeral, Memorial Service or Celebration of Life is an opportunity to remember the life and achievements of the one you have lost. 

As a Celebrant, with a wide range of experience, I would be honoured to help you develop a service that truly reflects the person you have lost, while also celebrating their life in a way they would have enjoyed. 

Did you know that you can hold a Memorial or Celebration of Life ceremony in places other than Funeral Chapels?


You can have the ceremony at home, at their favourite pub, beside a river, basically anywhere that your lost loved one enjoyed spending time. 

Did you also know that you can choose your own Celebrant even if you do go through a funeral home - you don't have to use their 'regular' Celebrant? 

I regularly conduct Memorials and Celebrations of Life for past clients, those who have seen me in action and for those who have been recommended to me by others.

I promise to listen as you tell me stories and anecdotes about your loved one.

So... why not contact me. and we can plan a personalised service together?

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